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Hello World!!

Can you believe that SCAR has been around since 2010 and we are only now jumping into the blogosphere? By now you are familiar with our Facebook page and our Twitter feed, but you can follow us on Instagram, too!!

We are constantly growing and changing, and 2017 is going to be the best year yet. So far we've kicked off our season with our St. Valentine's Day Massacre, where the Mt. Nittany Mayhem upset The Pennsyltucky Punishers with their first win since 2014, 192 to 152. Letter Havoc #12 scored 37 points in one jam!

League Photo - Courtesy Neil Briggs

Both teams debuted several new skaters including Black Widow #13, Lisa Marie Deadly #88, Chark Bait #723, Hello Hitty #74, and Knight Shade #934. We also welcomed two new transfers, Lucifer Ace #18 from Dutchland and Disaster Girl #911 from Wilkes-Barre Scranton.

We were happy to host a one-man band The Psychic Beat. He provided a fantastic soundtrack and we're looking forward to having him at future events.

Another exciting piece of news, SCAR selected as the WFTDA Featured League for the month of March. Check out the awesome article they wrote about us here:

But wait- there's more!! Our WFTDA travel team- The Happy Valley Dolls has moved up to #177 in the international rankings! Check them out at their next game where they will be taking on Dutchland Rollers.

Plan B has some exciting news too; they were selected to play at ECDX this June!! They will also be kicking off their season traveling with the Dolls to Lancaster to take on Dutchland's B team, The Blitz.

"This is all so exciting; I want to be part of the action!!!"

Wait no more, Open Recruitment is here! Join our Facebook event, get yourself a mouth guard, dress for success (athletic wear recommended), and meet us on the track next Sunday March 19th over at Penn Skates and at our formal recruitment night on April 2nd.

Do you prefer stats, event production, and officiating? Come on over and let's chat. SCAR is always looking for hardworking volunteers and non-skating officials to help run our games.

SCAR continues to evolve, so keep an eye on this space for future event announcements, post-game write-ups, training montages, and...... derby fashion (maybe?). And since this is a blog, look out for a random "just for fun" post here and there. We promise to keep the pictures of food at a minimum. Maybe.

Until next time, skate like you mean it!

Anya Arson & the rest of SCAR Derby.

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